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Pastoral work and Marian devotion are an appropriate starting point for proclaiming the Gospel of the Family. Till the first half the possession was same but in the 85 minute iit Bombay scored fantastic free kick taking a lead 1–0 and at the same time one of the finest player of iit hyd got injured since only 6 minutes were left and it was very impotant minute for the team so all team members decided rahul to substitute and at the same time rahul told them that he will give hiss 100% effort in the field to win the match later he scored two goal one penalty and the other head shot and finally won the match by 1–2. The " Asking for a Friend " singer refers to it as slum touring, where you drive from show to show in a beat up van and ask the fans if you can stay with them and if their moms might make you a meal. Irather prefer him going to escorts than telling me he has an affair, if you see what i mean. Behind this canvas, all the marchers will have STOP STIGMA t-shirts.

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